It feels like a thousand samurai swords to your nose that can cause doo doo brown tears.
Sometimes the poop fires out like a cannon mid-diaper change.
It has the sounds of poop, the vibrations of poop, but no poop.
Newborns have that thick as mollases doo doo for the first week with fossils in there.
The poo poo chugs along like a choo choo. It just won't stop as you waste wipeys.
Your first diaper change instills a feeling of accomplishment like climbing Mt. Everest.
Combined with The Gas Mask, it will make you pull over like a speeding ticket.
Steamy, runny doo doo flowing like the glowing ooze. You still love it, though.
Straight from Santa, the lump of coal is black as space like The LA Tar Pit.
The butt bomb in the bathtub contaminating millions of gallons pure bathwater.
When you start finding things you lost, not in your laundry, but during doo doo duty.
Newborn doo doo colors go from black to brown to yellow to sometimes green.
It's already been the best days ever leading into Alvis' first Christmas today. Every doo doo change is done with such love. We hope your holidays are filled with as many smiles. Merry Christmas and see all ya'll in 2014!
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Hot Diggity Dog
Clothing Double Take
Christmas 2013, Alvis, Brittany, & Rob Meronek